Get Loose !

Get Loose !

We are in the process of adding more loose figures to the site. There is no packaging but lots of savings. Be sure to examine each image closely, as the photos of loose items are of the actual item up for sale. 
And we have literally hundreds more to add. And I mean literally, not like when the 15 year old says literally to everything that is happening, but literally, I mean really literally.

So check out the "LOOSE" category for some hidden gems an great finds of your favourite action figures.

New GI Joe !

New GI Joe !

We have some new 2020 G.I. Joe Classified Series Figures !
Come see what just arrived !
Lot's of new stuff !

Lot's of new stuff !

Lot's of new stuff is here. We have received some WW2 models ranging from 1:144 scale right up to 1:6 scale.
Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Star Wars, and a heap of GI Joe items have all come in.
And ourl latest arrival is the new Carbonized Boba Fett Star Wars Black Series Figure.

Be sure to check them all out DH Collectibles.
Social Awareness

Social Awareness

In case you've been cutoff from the world for some reason, there is a popular website called "Facebook".
Apparently people hang out there and post pictures of their breakfast. Others prefer to yell at each other and argue.
We at DH Collectibles, have a different use for this Facebook thing. We keep all of our friends up to date on the latest goings-on at Castle DH Collectibles.
And no fake news !

Come visit some time !  <--- Click this, that's how it works !
Low Cost Shipping

Low Cost Shipping

We have re-instated the low cost shipping option for USA customers.
"Small Packet USA Air" is available again. This is a low cost option, but the downside is that it is very slow, and NO TRACKING information is supplied.

Now that Canada Post is catching up on deliveries, we can offer this again.
Free Shipping on orders over $ 79

Free Shipping on orders over $ 79

Today we changed our free shipping criteria to orders over $ 79.
Although this is something we did not want to do, it is something we had to do.

We looked around online and found most retailers in our field offer shipping discounts over $79, $99, $ 100. But no one that we could find was at our $ 49 threshold. And there is a reason - we were losing money on some sales. This is great for the customer but doesn't work for us.

So here are the conditions to qualify for free shipping:

  • Total of items in the order must be over $ 79 CAD
  • Maximum $ 30 fee shipping
  • Does not apply to oversized items
  • Cannot be combined with other discounts
  • Surface or Expedited mail only. 
  • Canada and USA only.
Please understand that this is very necessary, and that we aren't just looking to grab your money. We always want to have the lowest prices, but we still need to make it worth our while. We spent quite some time thinking this over, and tried to come up with other solutions. Raising the price of our products was not an option.
Thank-you for understanding.
Another First ! Hasbro Mandalorian

Another First ! Hasbro Mandalorian

DH Collectibles is proud to be the first in Canada to have the new Hasbro Black Series Star Wars Mandalorian.

You can grab yours here 

*** Note: We have sold out our first shipment, however more are on the way.

Gift Cards Now Available !

Gift Cards Now Available !

Not sure what gift to give to a collector friend ? Gift Cards !
Choose which denomination(s) you would like.

Gift cards can keep a balance, so the entire amount does not need to be redeemed at one time, although who can resist using it up !

Click here to get yours.
Update on Covid-19 and Big Savings for USA Customers

Update on Covid-19 and Big Savings for USA Customers

We are all paying very close attention to hygiene, isolation, distancing, and cleanliness. As we always have.
But we are still open for all online business and nothing has essentially changed.

As we are in Canada, and with the recent drop in the the dollar versus the US dollar, customers in the US are saving even more when factoring in the exchange rate.
Be sure to click USD in the top right currency selector.
Not in the US or Canada ? You're probably still saving more now ! Check it out !

Free MoTU figures !

Free MoTU figures !

We're giving away one free Masters of The Universe blind box figure with each order of a regular MoTU action figure.

You can choose one of either :
Castle Grayskull Heroic Warriors, or
Snake Mountain Evil Warriors
ReAction figures. These figures are in a sealed blind box, so you can choose which series you want, but not the actual figure.

This is promotion is available while supplies last, and is one ReAction figure per order.

Here are our MoTU figures: