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2003 Mattel Watchmen Series Ozymandias - Action Figure

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2013 Mattel Watchmen Series Ozymandias - Action Figure


Spoiler Alert: If you don’t want to know the truth about Ozymandias, stop reading now and just add this figure to your cart!

He’ll take Doctor Manhattan , the Night Owl and Silk Spectre too… he’ll take them out, that is, along with anyone else he sees as an enemy to his twisted plan to destroy/save the world! This fully articulated 6” figure comes in unique book-type packaging, and arrives with both masked and unmasked heads and yellow base with black Watchmen logo. Also includes an original Watchmen “oversized” trading card with all-new art and character bio.

This is a limited series inspired by one of the all-time greatest comics, and features all six Watchmen team members. The iconic graffiti-style Watchmen logo is revealed when all six packages are placed side-by-side and the Doomsday clock counts down to zero when viewed from the front.


New, unopened packaging, with book.

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