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Mattel - Masters of the Universe Classics - Strobo Action Figure
Mattel - Masters of the Universe Classics - Strobo Action Figure
Mattel - Masters of the Universe Classics - Strobo Action Figure

Mattel - Masters of the Universe Classics - Strobo Action Figure

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Mattel - Masters of the Universe Classics - Strobo Action Figure

As the story opens, SSSQueeze, Ninjor and Blast-Attak are on another mission for their master. Skeletor watches, via a viewing globe at Snake Mountain, as his minions dig a mysterious object out of the ground, shading the hole so that sunlight will not touch their prize, then seal it within a locked metal sphere. Just then, He-Man bursts onto the scene on Battle Cat, followed closely by Rio Blast and Strobo, out to stop whatever evil Skeletor's thugs are up to. But they are moments too late, for Skeletor sends a dimensional portal to assist his aides, and the three escape with their secret treasure. Knowing this to be a portent of evil, He-Man races ahead to Castle Grayskull, leaving Rio and Strobo to catch up. En route to the castle, He-Man notices a dark shadow spreading across the land, seemingly emanating from Grayskull. Passing within the shadow's reach, He-Man is suddenly assaulted by a tangle of writhing roots, which spring from the ground and entwine around the hero. He-Man finds that his strength has deserted him -- he is unable to break free! Battle Cat runs for help, and while He-Man struggles helplessly, an image of Skeletor fills the blackened sky. The lord of destruction reveals that this spell of darkness has given him dominion over everything that falls within the evil shadow, including Castle Grayskull! Skeletor is now He-Man's master, and he leaves his new thrall to contemplate his defeat, and to prepare himself for his new life as Skeletor's slave! Presently, Battle Cat returns with Rio Blast and Strobo, Strobo leading the way through the darkness with his searchlight. Rio cuts He-Man free from his wooden shackles with a volley of laser-fire, and He-Man reveals that he already has a plan to get into Castle Grayskull to stop Skeletor. He leads the team along the cliffs near Grayskull, continuing past the reach of Skeletor's shadow. With his strength returned, He-Man moves a large boulder, revealing a secret underground tunnel into Castle Grayskull. The long unused passage is blocked within by fallen rocks, but He-Man blasts through them with his mighty fists! Above, in the castle, Skeletor sits on Grayskull's throne, with Zoar imprisoned in a cage at his right hand. As he and his goons gloat over their victory, He-Man tunnels through to the surface, breaking through the rock to stand in the darkness before Skeletor. He-Man defies Skeletor, saying that the evil one does not belong in this "sacred place." But it may be He-Man who has made a mistake by coming here: as his friends join him from the tunnel, He-Man feels his strength ebbing again. He stumbles to his knees, helpless before Skeletor. Skeletor cackles with glee, and is unable to resist revealing the reason for his enemy's ultimate defeat. At his left hand rests the secret that his minions were retrieving at the opening of the story: a meteor fragment of the Dark Star (meteor? Stars don't have "fragments!") that nearly destroyed Eternia 2 issues back! This evil power created the shadow that has rendered He-Man powerless, but with a last-second jolt of inspiration, He-Man raises his Sword, and casts a beam of light from it in Strobo's direction. Catching the beam, Strobo goes into a spin, flooding the chamber with dazzling brightness. Touched by the light, the Dark Star fragment vapourises, and Skeletor's spell is shattered. Defeated once more, Skeletor summons a portal out of Grayskull, taking his henchmen with him, and vowing one day to again rule Grayskull. He-Man vows at all costs to prevent this, and then turns to tell the Sorceress, appearing in the final panel, how good it is to have her back in command of Grayskull's power. A few words about Strobo: who is this guy?! He-Man's interesting new ally makes his only appearance in this story, leading to bouts of wild speculation (on my part) as to his identity, and his story. Strobo would be a ridiculously easy figure to customise. He looks like a recoloured edition of Sy-Klone, only with Zodac's head, and wearing King Randor's cape. A round, reflective mirror/searchlight takes the place of Sy-Klone's radar readout. It is certainly feasible that Mattel may have planned a Strobo figure, it would have been simplicity itself! He is really the breakout star of "The Dark Power of Skeletor," saving the day by displaying a very Sy-Klone-like power! What a strange new addition to He-Man's world Strobo is.

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