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Marvel legends Infinite Series - Agents of Hydra - Mandroid Action Figure

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Marvel Legends Infinite Series - Agents of Hydra - Mandroid


New, unopened packaging.

Cut off one head and two more shall take its place! Hydra may be defeated, but it can never be destroyed!

Hydra never stops in its quest for domination, and this Agents of Hydra figure is up to no good! He's armed with weapons for the fight against the Avengers. But he also comes with a left arm that you can use to build a menacing Mandroid figure! Collect all the parts (other figures sold separately) to complete the armoured droid, then send him and your Agents of Hydra figure into battle.

Product Features

    • 6 inches (15.24cm)
    • Arm your 6-inch Agents of Hydra figure with his weapon
    • Figure comes with left arm for Mandroid figure
    • Other figures (sold separately) come with other parts
    • Collect the whole series so you can build Mandroid

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