Houdini Magic Wonder Deck with 77 Tips and Tricks with a Svengali Deck

Houdini Magic

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Houdini Magic Wonder Deck with 77 Tips and Tricks with a Svengali Deck


The Svengali Deck - Perhaps the most famous trick deck of cards ever created! You will receive the deck and the instructions. This deck has to be the simplest and the most reliable magic deck available. It is a great place to start for any card worker. It continues to amaze audiences every time! Using this deck you show that all of the cards are different, a spectator freely selects a card and then all the cards become that selected card. They are precision cut and finished for the perfect function and performance every time you are ready to go.

Here are just a few of the tricks you can do with your Wonder Deck (Svengali Deck): 

Basic Wonder Deck Routine: A random spectator chooses a playing card and then places the card in the middle of the deck. Instantly, the chosen card appears on the top of the deck. Then watch as the entire deck turns into the selected card.

Card from Pocket: Have a spectator select a card, and put it back in the same place. Give the deck a couple of cuts to "lose" the card. Now pass the deck close to your pocket. Riffle the deck forwards to show them their card is gone, and calmly remove it from your pocket!

Card Under Plate: Have a card selected and returned to the deck. FLip the deck forwards to show the card has disappeared. Now have the spectator lift his plate. There's their card!

Cards and Coins: After having a card selected and returned to the deck, have a spectator take out of their pocket, any coin of their choosing. Have them add the digits of the date together, and count down that many cards. You found his card!


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