2020 Bandai Future Robot Daltanious Soul of Chogokin GX-59R Daltanious Figure Set


$250.00 CAD 

2020 Bandai Future Robot Daltanious Soul of Chogokin GX-59R Daltanious Figure Set


The mighty Soul of Chogokin Future Robot Daltanius gets a dramatic overhaul with this new figure from Bandai Spirits! This renewal version celebrates the show's introduction forty years ago. Its most striking new feature is an optional Velarios head, sculpted to resemble that of the Chogokin toy from the 80s. Now you can swap between lion heads that look closer to the anime or evoke the nostalgia of the classic toy. And Velarios' legs are finished in gorgeous chrome to accentuate the display! 

  • 27 centimetres tall (10.6in)
  • Made of plastic and die-cast
  • From the Future Robot Daltanious anime
  • Daltanius gets a dramatic overhaul
  • Renewal version celebrates forty years since the show's debut

  • Daltanious figure
    • Atlus
    • Velarios
    • Gunper
    • Delfighter
    • Pair of Daltanius arms
  • Shoulder armor set 
  • Sword gripping hands
  • RyThunder hands 
  • Open hands 
  • 2 Hand Slicers
  • Boomerang cutter joint
  • 8 Shredder punches
  • Tran-shield and grip
  • RyThunder and grip
  • RyThunder arrow
  • Transaber
  • Fire Sword
  • 2 Gyrospinners
  • 2 Gunper-cutters
  • Sigma Beam
  • Sigma Beam stand
  • Neutron Missile Launcher unit,
  • Alternate Velarios head
  • Display stand


  • This item is in mint condition
  • Packaging has a damage on the rear, all parts inside are 100%
  • Suitable to display in package or to open


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