2018 Super 7 Masters of the Universe Tung Lashor Action Figure

Super 7

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2018 Super 7 Masters of the Universe Tung Lashor Action Figure

Evil Snake Men Creature With The Venomous Tongue


Tung Lashor is a brute-like, evil tongue-lashing Snake-Man. A physical powerhouse, Tung Lashor can go toe-to-toe with almost any Master in a melee contest. However, Tung Lashor has a unique ability to use his whip-like tongue as an offensive weapon. His tongue can extend to several times his body length and, when wrapped around an object, has the strength to lift and snap an incredible amount of weight. On one occasion, Tung Lashor was able to ensnare Battle Cat and hurl the massive feline through the air. With his paralyzing whip-like tongue, Tung Lashor is one of King Hiss's fiercely loyal leaders who command his Snake Man legions. His mottled skin provides him with a unique and highly concealing camouflage in jungle environments. He is also able to regenerate his tongue, even if it is cut off.

    Product Features

    • 17.8 cm ( 7 inches ) tall
    • Made of plastic
    • Blister package featuring new artwork
    • Fully articulated action figure
    • Sculpted by Four Horsemen

    Box Contents

    • Tung Lashor figure
    • Jet pack
    • Blaster
    • Alternate head with mouth closed


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    • Packaging is case fresh but may have flaws
    • Suitable to display in package or to open
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