2018 Super 7 Masters of the Universe Classics Wrap Trap Action Figure

Super 7

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2018 Super 7 Masters of the Universe Classics Wrap Trap Action Figure


The Sands of Time were once ruled by the mystic Kartan, whose disfigured priest Sibor secretly loved Kartan's daughter, Princess Naka-Ra. When Sibor finally expressed his feelings, things did not go well. Naka-Ra rejected Sibor and threatened to tell her father. Pleading, the frightened priest grabbed Naka-Ra's arm, but she misunderstood the gesture. A struggle ensued between the two and Naka-Ra was accidentally killed. A remorse-stricken Sibor then defiled the Temple of the Sun by attempting to raise Naka-Ra from the dead. Stopped by the Deathless Soldiers of Kartan, the priest was sentenced to an unspeakable fate. As Kartan read incantations from the Netherworld Scroll, Sibor was mummified alive. Eons later, Hordak and Shadow Weaver discovered Sibor's tomb and used the Netherworld Scroll to awaken the cursed mummy. Renamed Wrap Trap and controlled by the scroll, the undead creature served the Evil Horde with his inhuman strength and ability to strangle and ensnare victims in his bandages. Wrap Trap refused to attack She-Ra, however, for she was the very image of his long-lost Naka-Ra.


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