2017 Kotobukiya DC ArtFX Justice League The Flash 1/10 Scale Figure


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2017 Kotobukiya DC ArtFX Justice League The Flash 1/10 Scale Figure

A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  Kotobukiya’s line of DC ARTFX+ Statues continues with a whole new universe of characters pulled straight from the movies and specifically the new Justice League film.  Racing to join Batman, Wonder Woman, and the other iconic heroes is the Scarlet Speedster THE FLASH!  A Central City police forensic investigator, Barry Allen gained incredible superhuman speed and reflexes thanks to his connection to the powerful Speed Force.  Now he stands with the other members of the Justice League to confront the menace of the Parademons led by Steppenwolf, and he does so in style with a 1/10th scale ARTFX+ Statue capturing his film look and a lifelike facial sculpt of actor Ezra Miller! 

You’ve never seen the Flash quite like this, a faster than fast hero clad in a unique armoured suit featuring layers of technological parts literally tied together with conductive materials to channel his Speed Force energy.  The young and exuberant Barry Allen stands in a relaxed pose with his hands held loose at his sides, all the while ready to speed off at less than a moment’s notice.  The hero is sculpted in precise detail only possible with Kotobukiya’s craftsmanship, with an intricately replicated costume right from the film source material and accurate down to the textures and colours, and of course the actor’s likeness peering out from the suit’s open-faced cowl!  Sculpted by M.I.C., Justice League’s The Flash stands just over 7 inches tall (in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale) with magnets in his feet for perfect stability on his included display base.  The Scarlet Speedster will look fantastic on your shelf whether he’s racing on his own or standing tall with the rest of his fellow Justice League heroes!

Total Height 185mm

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