2012 Marvel Legends SHIELD Mandroid BAF Action Figure - Loose


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2012 Marvel Legends SHIELD Mandroid BAF Action Figure - Loose


This version of Man-Bat appears to be the SDCC 2007 Exclusive Man-Bat repainted in traditional colors. When under the influence of his bat-extract concoction---originally intended to cure deafness---Kirk Langstrom transforms into the Man-Bat, a creature equipped with leathery wings and sonar capability, and imbued with drastically heightened strength, endurance and agility; in the course of the transformation Langstrom is placed in a feral state, and is subsequently set in opposition of Batman.

Sculpt & Paint:

Mandroid features an all new sculpt with a shoulder cannon that is also packed in with Black Widow, a blade, double machine gun cannon, a smooth and texture body armor finish, a jetpack sculpted onto the back, and a shield logo on the chest.

His entire body is painted grey with a yellow visor, yellow, silver and black deco on his accessories.


Ball jointed head, ball jointed shoulders, hinged elbows, ball jointed hips, waist rotation, swivel thighs, hunged legs, hinged and swivel ankles.


  • Shoulder cannon - missing
  • Double machine gun cannon x 2
  • Blade x 2

This item is loose without packaging
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