2008 Masters of the Universe Classics Keldor Action Figure


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2008 Masters of the Universe Classics Keldor Action Figure


An outcast, Keldor wandered Eternia, dwelling on his brother’s betrayal and the loss of his birthright. He acquired a double-bladed sword that could be split in two and used with one half in each hand. Drawn by a supernatural force, Keldor discovered Hordak's ancient temple, where the spirit of Hordak appeared and offered to teach him the dark arts. Although Hordak sent him to obtain the Havoc Staff from the FacelessOne, Keldor decided its power made him strong enough to leave Hordak's service and shape his own destiny. Keldor and Evil-Lyn, the FacelessOne's adult daughter, met, fell in love, and were secretly married. After being mortally wounded in combat against his brother, Keldor was taken by Beast Man and Evil-Lyn back to Hordak’s temple. Created by the Spirit of Hordak, Skeletor was born out of a merging of the wounded Prince Keldor and a chaotic demon from Despondos, Demo-Man.


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