2008 DC Universe Classics - Wave 7 Figure 5 - Big Barda Action Figure With Helmet BAF Atom Smasher (Left Leg)

DC Universe


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2008 DC Universe Classics - Wave 7 Figure 5 - Big Barda With Helmet Action Figure BAF Atom Smasher (Left Leg)


Born on the evil, warlike planet of Apokolips, Barda was specially trained in all forms of combat by Granny Goodness. However, she fell in love with Scott Free, a child of peaceful New Genesis raised on Apokolips, and used her warrior skills to help him escape to earth. Barda accompanied Scott, and they married after he assumed the name of Mister Miracle, world's greatest escape artist. Since then, she has fought evil alongside her husband, both of them serving in the Justive League of America. sidekick, Kid Flash.


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