2006 McFarlane Dragons Series 5: Sorcerers Dragon Clan 5 - Action Figure


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2006 McFarlane Dragons  Series 5: Sorcerers Dragon Clan 5 - Action Figure


Before the age of man there was a Golden Age of Dragons, intelligent creatures who ruled the Earth and were the first beings to develop speech and writing.  The dragons were divided into clans, each with a specific role and specialty, and all led by an enlightened leader, King Draako.


A great cataclysm struck the dragon nation, killing the king, destroying  their civilization and causing the disappearance of the sole heir to the dragon throne, the king's son.  The dragons that survived the great disaster fled to many hidden points of the globe.


Humanity rose to power, inventing its own language and writing, and building the Earth's dominated culture.  But when a dragon that seems to have the gift of speech is sighted by men, all bets were suddenly off.

Habitat: Thick forests

Sorcerers Clan Dragons are crafty and have kept alive a system of rune-writing from the ancient kingdom. Members of this clan gain strength through the manipulation, assistance or control of powers beyond their own natural attributes


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