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2004 Mattel DC Comics Man-Bat White Action Figure - Loose
2004 Mattel DC Comics Man-Bat White Action Figure - Loose

2004 Mattel DC Comics Man-Bat White Action Figure - Loose

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2004 Mattel DC Comics Man-Bat White  Action Figure


In an effort to become the ultimate "Bat" in Gotham City,  Dr. Langstrom worked on a mutative serum that would transform him into the extremely powerful and evil Man-Bat. One day, Bruce wayne,  CEO of Wayne Enterprises, inquired about the subject and purpose of his experiments, and Langstrom told Bruce that he was trying to cure his niece's deafness. Bruce soon discovered that Langstrom had lied after a visit to his niece. Bruce went back to Wayne Enterprises, and, after he looked through Langstrom's journal, discovered that he wanted to be like the Batman. Langstrom, not knowing that Bruce Wayne was Batman, took a dose of his new serum, which caused him to transform into Man-Bat. Langstrom terrorized the city during his newfound need for blood. Man-Bat wreaked havoc throughout Gotham, but was eventually apprehended when the serum wore off.

When transformed into Man-Bat, Langstrom had increased strength, a sticky mucus that bound specific areas on the victim, razor-sharp claws, a thirst for blood (his first foray into Man-Bat led him to the Gotham Zoo, where he sucked the blood out of animals), and saw via the means of his new sonar vision. While the world looked solely black-and-white to him, objects that emitted heat showed up as solid white.


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