2004 Figures Toy Co Mad Monster Series 1970s Frankenstein 8" Mego Retro Action Figure RARE

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2004 Figures Toy Co Mad Monster Series 1970s Frankenstein 8" Mego Retro Action Figure RARE


Mad Monsters, specifically. That’s what the line was called. It included The Human Wolfman, The Dreadful Dracula, The Horrible Mummy, and The Monster Frankenstein. They were released in 1973, at the apex of the monster boom that had begun more than a decade earlier. Monster toys were everywhere in those days, but it wasn’t until these particular toys arrived—along with AHI’s terrific Official World Famous Super Monsters!—that kids like me had fully-articulated monster action figures to play with.

The figures are odd-looking in that they do not conform to the images of these monsters that have been popularized in films. Mego opted not to license the characters from Universal Pictures (as AHI later did), and that gave them an opportunity to get creative. Thus, we have a Wolfman with a more lupine head; a ghostly-looking Mummy; and a Frankenstein’s Monster whose neck bolts are up around his temples! Dracula’s skin-tight bodysuit is another story altogether, but the bottom line is we loved these figures, and sometime during the mid-’70s, the first time we noticed that they were missing from store shelves, it was a sad day for monster kids everywhere.

But all that changed a few years back when a Florida manufacturer called Figures Toy Company started producing exact replicas of the Mego Mad Monster Series!

The 8-inch reproductions are faithful to the originals in every way, right down to the glow-in-the-dark detailing. Figures Toy Company has also gone the extra mile to faithfully reproduce the original Mad Monster Castle Playset, as well as a strange variant of the Frankenstein figure that has blue hair (it’s sold as part of the company’s Classic TV Toys line, and really did exist back in the day).


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