2001 ToyBiz Marvel Mutant X The Fallen 5" Action Figure


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2001 ToyBiz Marvel Mutant X The Fallen 5" Action Figure


Warren Worthington III, the mutant formerly known as the Angel, was abducted by Apocalypse and transformed into a "Horseman of Death". Apocalypse altered his DNA and changed his feathered wings into leathery "bat-wings", his fingers to razor-like claws and infused him with the ability to breathe fire. The Angel's demeanor changed along with his physical transformation. The one time carefree millionaire's playboy became cold, aggressive and moody. Now, the dark angel soars alongside The Six and uses his enhanced strength to fight crime as "The Fallen" in an effort to find redemption. However, his violent actions sometimes contradict his plan.

New, unopened packaging.   Packaging has wear and tear however is fully intact and figure is in mint condition

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