2000 WWF WrestleMania XVII Ringside Chaos Tazz - Action Figure


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2000 WWF WrestleMania XVII Ringside Chaos Tazz - Action Figure




The Human Suplex Machine known as Tazz made competitors twice his size second-guess their decision to enter the world of sports-entertainment with those threatening words. Although he was far from the biggest man in the ring, the no-nonsense tough guy from the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, N.Y. toppled super heavyweights like Bam Bam Bigelow and Mike Awesome on his way to claiming every major title in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

Equipped with a rotten attitude and explosive power, Tazz disarmed opponents with martial arts throws and submissions, but it was his arsenal of suplexes that earned The One-Man Crime Spree his reputation as a dude you didn’t want to mess with. Dubbed “Tazzplexes” by ECW commentator Joey Styles, the brutal maneuvers put more men out of commission than polio. Just ask Sabu, Rob Van Dam or Kurt Angle what it felt like to be dumped on your head by Tazz.



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