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2000 N2 Toys - The Matrix Sentinel - Action Figure
2000 N2 Toys - The Matrix Sentinel - Action Figure

2000 N2 Toys - The Matrix Sentinel - Action Figure

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2000 N2 Toys - The Matrix Sentinel - Action Figure

A Sentinel appears as a multi-tentacled creature with multiple sensors that moves effortlessly through the air, probably using an advanced internal form of pad technology; one can easily catch up to a fully-powered human hovercraft. A sentinel's frightening appearance reminds many humans of squids, where they get their nickname of "squiddies". They tend to fly in swarms like squids, that can range from few to thousands.

In addition to their powerful, clawed tentacles, Sentinels are armed with a continuously firing laser beam that can slice and weld metal structures with ease, including a ship's hull. They are equipped with multiple audio and visual sensors, which look like satellite dishes and eyes. Sentinels are capable of electrical signature detection, such as generated by a fully-powered hovercraft, and will relentlessly follow that signal to its end.

Some Sentinels are also given Tow bombs, tiny devices that seem more like a Sentinel's larvae, but are actually guided explosives that will tear through and destroy a hovercraft with ease.

The sentinel's multiple appendages can be used as an ablative armour, deflecting projectiles like bullets from the vital "heads" (where programming data is stored) of close-by sentinel allies, explaining the swarm tactic.

There is no negotiating or reasoning with a Sentinel. The Sentinels receive orders from within the Matrix and will invariably complete their mission unless destroyed or the order is rescinded.[1]

While hovercraft are normally needed to stop an attacking Sentinel, a lucky human armed with a lightning rifle may be able to destroy one. A human in command of an APU can also deal sufficiently quick damage to approaching Sentinels, but are at the Sentinel's mercy if their APU is pushed over or if the machine's ripping claws manage to tear the relatively unprotected human controlling the APU.

In a mysterious display of his powers outside the Matrix, Neo is able to command Sentinels and bombs to deactivate or detonate with only the powers of his mind.


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