1999 DC Superheroes Silver Age Collection Green Arrow 9 Inch Action Figure


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1999 DC Superheroes Silver Age Collection Green Arrow 9 Inch Action Figure


Oliver Queen, wealthy world traveller, was on a South Seas cruise when a sudden lurch threw him overboard. Currents carried him to a deserted jungle island, and upon regaining his sense, he realised that he would have to fend for himself. Inspired by his Robinson Crusoe-like situation, Oliver began developing his own method for catching food and protecting himself; an array of trick arrows.

Soon, Oliver was catching fish and fowl with his net arrow, drill arrow, and number of other types of arrows. He also created a green camouflage suit of leaves. One day, Oliver spotted a freighter anchored off the island. Swimming to the ship’s side, Oliver realised that the ship had been overtaken by mutineers. Oliver used his trick arrows to rescue the crew, calling himself the Green Arrow. Upon his arrival back home again, he continued to protect innocent citizens as Green Arrow.

Box Contents

    • This 9-inch scale Silver Age Green Arrow figure is clad in his silver age green outfit with orange gloves and boots.
    • A removable black belt and harness sits around Green Arrow's waist. The belt is sculpted from a soft rubber.


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