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1983 AnJon Dragon's Lair 3-D Singe Deluxe Series 1 - Action Figure
1983 AnJon Dragon's Lair 3-D Singe Deluxe Series 1 - Action Figure

1983 AnJon Dragon's Lair 3-D Singe Deluxe Series 1 - Action Figure

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1983 AnJon Dragon's Lair 3-D Singe Deluxe Series 1 - Action Figure

Singe is the centrepiece of the first series of action figures, and the game. Dirk may be the hero, but without the dragon, there wouldn't be a Dragon's Lair. Singe is the climax of the game, where Dirk (after getting some choice advice from Daphne) must grab the magic sword, slay the dragon and then use the key to unlock the prison to get Daphne out. Singe prefers to be called 'Singe the Scary' but Dirk likes 'Singe the Slain'.

As in many movies, the bad guys (and good guys) never die permanently, and Singe has been resurrected to act as a heavy in the new Dragon's Lair 3D game. Instead of going solo, Singe has teamed up with Mordroc to defeat Dirk (and it gives them the option of falling back on double mint gum commercials).

Singe is the largest figure in the line, and also has the most varied materials in the toy. Singe combines hard plastic, soft plastic, bendy parts and hidden armatures with pure evil to come up with the ultimate toy version of the dreadful dragon. Singe's tail is about nine inches long, and he is around eight inches in height, so he is packaged as a deluxe figure and comes in a box rather than carded. Singe is packed with a magic sword, a giant translucent gem base to keep the sword in 'excalibur' style, and a metal chain with the key to Daphne's prison on it. The chain is real metal and fits around Singe's neck for Dirk to try and grab.

Singe has plenty of articulation, with ball jointed shoulders and swivel thighs and a mouth that can open and close. The head can twist at the top of the neck and the neck also twists where it enters the body. The neck is made of bendy material to allow a wise range of poses for the head. The tail is the pièce de résistance, and in addition to being rather long it has a number of innovations. The main part of the tail has a rubbery skin that covers two armatures inside that can be clicked into place to pose the tail while the skin covers it completely. The ends of the tail is a bendy material, so it can be posed as well, and the transition from bendy to rubberized skin is completely seamless. The only visible joint on the tail is where it connects to the body (it is a separate piece for packaging), and the ridges on the back are made of a softer plastic. Singe is an amazing fusion of materials that works perfectly.
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