1983 AnJon Dragon's Lair 3-D Dirk the Daring Deluxe Series 1 - Action Figure


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1983 AnJon Dragon's Lair 3-D Dirk the Daring Deluxe Series 1 - Action Figure \

"Dirk the Daring is the hero of the Dragon's Lair games and winner of the 'knight whose name could easily be misspelled to form a dirty word' award. Dirk coined 'the Daring' because he didn't like 'the Dorky' or 'the Doofy' and since he had to pay by the letter 'the Diaphanous' was out of his price range (and not really appropriate anyway).

Like most knights, Dirk wears armour and carries a sword for poking evil where it hurts (and occasionally tickles). Dirk also has a backpack, which is handy for carrying out all manner of treasure. Dirk's backpack does open and the accessories can be placed in the pack for safe keeping.

Dirk comes packed with a tentacled eyeball creature, a sword that can be placed in a sheath on his belt, two keys, and a potion. The keys go to a safety deposit box in a bus terminal (you didn't hear that here). The eyeball creature is a bendy, so the various stalks can all be posed in different ways and the base is large enough to keep the creature stable. Dirk himself is fully articulated, and much of his articulation is hidden in the design of the figure. His neck, waist, both wrists, both biceps, and feet twist and the shoulders both have ball-joints. The legs also have swivel joints so Dirk can do a little kicking whether it be in the lair, or in Las Vegas.

Includes: The Dirk The Daring with eyeball tentacle creature figure, sword, sheath, health potion, blue and green skeleton key

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